Tokaji Dry Harslevelu

Tokaji Dry Harslevelu

Chateau Megyer
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Round, full, lush flavors of apricot and honey form the backbone of this dry variant of one of Hungary's favorite dessert wine grapes. 

Producer: Château Megyer

Varietal(s): 100% Harslevelu

Country: Hungary

Region: Tokaji

Nose: Stone fruit, apple, pear and peach. Honey floral vanilla mineral. Spice, pollen and elderflowers. Smoky aromas (which are here in spades).

Palate: Stone fruits, weighty on the palate. Some sweetness tidied up by acidity and slight salinity. Medium body, medium acidity. Hay, white peach, yellow apple.

Winemaking Notes: Aged 6 months in stainless steel

Producer Notes: Pazjos and Megyer are co-owned by Jean-Louis Laborde, who owns Chateau Client in Pomerol. The cellar is one of the oldest estates in the region (Sarospatak). Established in 1991. Around 70 acres of vineyards, with sunny southfacing slopes.

Area Notes: Tokaji is located in Northeastern Hungary and Southeastern Slovakia. One of 7 Hungarian regions, it consists of mainly clay soils on volcanic subsoil, with sunny south facing slopes and temperature-moderating rivers. 

Harslevelu accounts for about 30% of grapes (Furmint is 60%). Dry wines are a relatively new development: the area has been known for centuries for its Tokaji Aszu, the world's first botrytized sweet wine. 

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