Le Blanc

Le Blanc

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Amber colored skin-contact blend from Southern France. Bready, pithy tannic notes with quince and tangerine.

Nose: Nectarine and quince

Palate: Orange pith, mango and a touch of sage. Full bodied and vibrant, with lovely
bready notes.

Winemaking Notes: Organic grapes, all hand picked. Fermented with native yeasts
in small open vats on skins for 2 weeks.

Producer Notes: Young couple from Australia/France with 10Ha of
organically/biodynamically farmed vines of varying soil types along North-facing
slopes, with a large selection of red and white varietals.

Area Notes: The Languedoc-Rousillon wine region has similar terrain and climate
conditions to neighboring Southern Rhone and Provence. Languedoc in particular
has the hottest and most arid regions in France. Though once known for mass-
produced wine, the region is being recognized once again as producers focus on
quality over quantity

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