Naked Red

Naked Red

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Lovely, complex, spiced red. Lots of brambly fruit, with some chocolate, balsamic and pepper

Varietal(s): 50% Zweigelt, 30% Blaufrankisch, 20% St Laurent

Country: Austria

Region: Burgenland

Nose: Red berries, cherries, raspberry and redcurrant, tobacco, spice, flowers

Palate: Raspberries, blackberries, bramble fruit. Medium bodied, medium-high acid, with some light chalky tannins. Blueberry, chocolate, balsamic, cracked pepper

Winemaking Notes: Biodynamic and organic viticulture, hand picked grapes, spontaneously fermented. Aged 12 months in used 500L oak barrels

Producer Notes: The Heinrich family has been growing wines in the country for ages, though only began putting their name on the labels within recent decades. In 1985, they began experimenting with indigenous red varietals, one of the first in the region, and the country, to pioneer using such varietals

Area Notes: Burgenland is located in eastern Austria, to the southeast of Vienna. A large part of wine production here takes place around the Neusiedler See, a large, shallow freshwater lake that moderates temperature extremes here. It is a poorer region with less history in winemaking: as such, many winemakers here had a greater impetus to begin experimenting with red wine, which now dominates most of the region